The Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz de la Sierra UPSA (The Foundation - Private University of Santa Cruz de la Sierra – UPSA) is a civil institution of private non-profit law, dedicated to higher education, which cultivates the freedom of thought, opinion and expression within the highest standards of self-improvement and the search of excellence. Its fundamental purpose is to develop training, research and extension programs based on the truth, virtue and integrity of the human kind, society and nature as a whole

It was registered as Fundación Santa Cruz on January 24, 1984 in the Cámara de Industria , Comercio, Servicios y Turismo de Santa Cruz – CAINCO (Chamber of Commerce of Santa Cruz) during the administration of businessman, Jorge Marcos Salvador, with the express aim of setting the Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz de la Sierra –UPSA in motion.

In April 2002, the name of the institution was changed from Fundación Santa Cruz to Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz de la Sierra as it is currently know. The regulatory merger and organizational structures as a single legal entity were stablished and the mission of promoting development through the training of human resources within the framework of a university-company relationship was incorporated.

Two years later, in December 2004, a second statutory modification was made through which the main objectives of the university were established, and the Executive Presidency was created.

Objectives of the UPSA Foundation

  • Establish and manage education and training centers for human resources in the Department of Santa Cruz and in other departments of Bolivia, giving priority to those areas for departmental and national business development.

  • Establish funds for higher education financing.

  • Develop advisory and research services.

  • Promote the dissemination of ideas that support free enterprise for the economic and social development of the country.

  • Promote compliance with ethical standards in business activities through the training of human resources and the disclosure of their advantages in business management.

  • Promote the execution of studies on public policies and topics of regional and national interest.

  • Promote and participate in the organization and operation of entities or companies that directly or indirectly contribute to the achievement of the aims of the UPSA, to the economic and social copy rolex progress of the department of Santa Cruz and Bolivia.